Our Equipment

At 3PL it is important to us that we have the right equipment for your job. We run a number of specialist trailers to help you meet your customers requirements

Reefer (Genset) Trailers

Our reefer trailers are a cost effective way to allow us to plug in your Reefer Containers without the additional hassle and extra cost of lifting a genset on and off.

Lightweight Trailers and Vehicles

Our range of lightweight equipment allows us to handle container weights above the usually acceptable limits. This saves you the hassle and the cost of having to off-load or tranship cargo.

Multifunction Trailers

We operate a number of multifunction trailers which give us the ability to work with a number of different container combinations. Allowing us to save cost, which we can pass on to you.

Drop & Swap Capability

With an extensive fleet of standard sliding skeletal trailers, we are able to offer a drop & swap solution at your customers premises. Increasing our flexibility and improving turnaround times on your customer’s site.

Upgrade your haulage service.

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